Ultra lightweight Auto open & Close Umbrella

"VERYKAL" is an ultra-lightweight, self-opening folding umbrella of 164 grams. It is the lightest weight in the world as an automatic opening and closing umbrella.

Ultra light 164 grams

General automatic umbrellas are approximately 250-300 grams. Succeeded in reducing the weight significantly compared to conventional products.

Carbon Fiber

The umbrella frame is made of lightweight and durable carbon fiber, which is also used for aircraft.

Nanotechnology super water-repellent

By refining the water-repellent agent to nano-class fine particles, the water-repellent coating penetrates deep into the fiber and water repelling continues.

Automatic opening and closing umbrella with one touch

"VERYKAL" is a very convenient folding umbrella that opens and closes with one button. Press the button on the handle to open it, and press it again to close it. It is very convenient to get on and off the car when you have a bag. You can also operate quickly when you get on and off the train or bus. * The storage of the shaft is manual.

Heavy automatic opening and closing umbrella has been reduced in weight

The automatic opening / closing umbrella has a complicated mechanism and becomes heavier than an ordinary folding umbrella.

In our survey, we examined 23 items of the same size automatic opening and closing umbrellas on the Japanese market.

The weight ranged from about 220 grams to 450 grams, with an average of 284 grams.

“VERYKAL” is an automatic opening and closing umbrella that has achieved a lightness of about 164 grams, aiming to be the lightest in the world.

Thorough weight reduction

①Use carbon fiber for rib

Carbon fiber is used for the main bone part of the umbrella bone. Carbon fiber is a high-tech material used in aircraft as a lightweight and durable material. The main bone has a structure that bends in three steps, and carbon fiber is used in two steps.

②Shaft is designed with fine shaft

The feature of the automatic opening and closing umbrella is to open it with one touch. As the power to open the umbrella, there is a long and narrow spring inside the shaft. Previously, springs had to have a certain thickness, but with “VERYKAL”, the springs were refined.

By making the springs thinner, the entire shaft is thinner and the entire umbrella bone is lighter.

Automatic umbrella spring
Automatic umbrella spring

VERYKAL thin shaft
VERYKAL thin shaft
Conventional automatic opening and closing umbrella shaft
Conventional automatic opening and closing umbrella shaft

③Ultra lightweight 15 denier fabric

The umbrella fabric is woven with a 15 denier thread that is also used for stockings. Fabric made with 15 denier yarn is very thin and light. The fabric texture is supple and firm, making it easy to fold.

Technically, there is a thinner 10 denier fabric, but the texture is too soft, so we decided that it would be difficult to handle with a folding umbrella.

Handle is moderately round and easy to hold

Because it is a small handle that is not square, it is very easy to hold and will not get tired even if you hold it for a long time.

The handle is slightly rounded so it fits your hand
The handle is slightly rounded so it fits your hand
Hold the handle like it is. Hold firmly
Hold the handle like it is. Hold firmly

By miniaturizing the handle, it became lighter

VERYKAL handle
VERYKAL handle
General automatic umbrella handle
General automatic umbrella handle

It's not just light

① It will not break even at a wind speed of 12m / s

If you want lighter umbrellas, the umbrella frame may break with a slight breeze.

VERYKAL also pursues robustness.

It must be light but strong.

It has an umbrella frame structure that optimizes the combination and size of materials and can withstand wind speeds of 12 m / s.

Wind resistance test is a test that gradually increases the wind speed. It does not guarantee that it can withstand sudden winds in actual strong winds.

Also, there is a risk that the umbrella itself will be blown by the wind during a typhoon. Please refrain from using an umbrella during strong winds depending on the situation.

② Clear 500 open / close endurance tests

The automatic opening and closing umbrella has a complicated structure. The automatic opening and closing umbrella is easy to break down due to its complexity.

VERYKAL has obtained the evidence of a third-party inspection organization that performs opening and closing operations 500 times at a rate of 6 times per minute, checking whether the opening and closing operations are smooth, and that there is no abnormality.

Few manufacturers have disclosed the evidence so far.

③ Nano-technology strong water-repellent continuous processing Easy-Dry

Easy-Dry is a coating that lasts a long time with strong water repellency. By improving the water-repellent agent to nano-class fine particles, the water-repellent coating penetrates deep into the fiber, making it difficult to peel off. The washing test that artificially degrades the umbrella fabric was repeated 20 times, and then the water repellency was measured. The water repellency is 90 points (100 points is the maximum), which gives good results.

Easy-Dry is produced in an Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 certified factory.

A worldwide certification system designed to eliminate the effects and damage to humans caused by harmful substances. It is produced in Taiwan.


①Manufactured in Taiwan-capital China factory

VERYKAL is manufactured in a Taiwan-owned factory in Xiamen, Fujian, China.

99% Export factory for Japan, manufacturing high quality products for department stores and specialty stores.

It also manufactures sports brands and character brands, and is an excellent factory that has passed audits of each brand.

②High technical capabilities of a well-established factory

A long-established factory that has been manufacturing umbrellas for 48 years since its establishment in Taiwan.

Not many factories have workers and equipment that can sew 15 denier thin and slippery fabrics with high quality.

③ Thorough inspection system

We have a five-stage inspection system.

① Inspection upon arrival of materials ② Inspection during the process ③ Inspection of semi-finished products

④ Complete inspection of finished products ⑤ Sampling inspection of completed products

To thoroughly eliminate defective products.

About us

I want to eliminate "Umbrella Garbage"

In Japan, about 120 million umbrellas are imported annually. Half of that, 60 million are estimated as disposable umbrellas, and disposable disposal is becoming a social issue. Umbrellas are difficult to disassemble and recycle.


At Amvel Inc., we are seriously trying to reduce such umbrella waste and developing products.


The concept of product development is that it is a folding umbrella that can be stored in a bag.

If you always carry a collapsible umbrella, you don't need to buy a disposable umbrella even in the event of sudden rain.

However, it was hard to carry a heavy umbrella, so I focused on making it as light as possible.

We are developing umbrellas that can be used for a long time, taking into consideration strength and durability, rather than lightening up randomly.

Umbrella specialist manufacturer established in 2016

Amvel Inc. is an umbrella fabless company established in April 2016 by three people with long experience in the umbrella industry.

We mainly specialize in select shop and apparel brand OEM.

Using the know-how so far, we developed the world's lightest VERYKAL.


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